Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade News & Events

Welcome to the Fifth Grade page! We’re glad you’re here! Below, you’ll find links to important information like our weekly newsletter, our schedule (which is slightly different in the Fall and Spring), and our Memory Work schedule for the year. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Weekly Newsletter:

Friday Flyer



5th grade Fall schedule


Memory Work for the year:

Memory work for 2018-2019




Life as a 5th Grader

  • Fifth grade is an exciting year! Students learn about early American history, a variety of Science topics, we read novels, act out plays, and we learn and review important math facts.
  • In Fifth grade, we work toward becoming more independent. Fifth graders have lockers and develop skills that help them succeed in middle school.
  • Fifth grade is also exciting because it is the first year students can participate in band and sports! Fifth grade is full of great opportunities!

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