Tuition Information

Salem Lutheran School operates as a ministry of Salem Lutheran Church and supports the school through the financial offerings of Salem church members. Tuition rates for church and community members reflect only a part of the overall cost of educating each child. Salem members are expected to support this ministry through their attendance, offerings, and participation in church events and activities. 


For the 2024-2025 school year, we are offering non-members a Salem member discount. It is one per family for one year for a student in K-8th grade.

K-8 Tuition Rates for Salem Church Members

1st Child

Your first child can attend school on a 10-month payment plan for just $491 per month or a 12-month payment plan for just $410 per month. ​

2nd+ Child

Your second child can get a quality education at a discounted tuition rate of $418 on a 10-month payment plan or $348 on a 12-month payment plan.​

K-8 Tuition Rates for Community Members

1st Child

Our tuition rate for the 1st child is just $702 on a 10-month payment plan or $585 on a 12-month payment plan.

2nd+ Child

We offer a discounted tuition rate of $597 on a 10-month payment plan or $498 on a 12-month payment plan.

Our 12-month plan is only available when you register by May 15th for the following school year and begin payments in June.

Our registration fee for church and community members is only $225, with a maximum of $500 per family. This fee covers textbooks, consumables, technology fees, a Salem “team” shirt, and a yearbook.

Click here to download our K-8 tuition rates and fee details. 

Other Fees

Wildcat Club

You can enjoy access to our facilities and a wide range of activities for just a $50 registration fee (or a maximum fee of $150 per family). There is also hourly fee.

Activity Fee

The fee is only $50 per student per year for sports and academic teams. Extracurricular fees vary, starting at $10.

Band Fee

We have an annual fee of $450 for grades 5-8. This fee covers the cost of music instruction, rehearsal space, and performances throughout the year.

Lunch Fee

For just $4.50 per student, we'll provide a nutritious and delicious lunch to help them power through the rest of the day.

If you have questions about tuition rates and fees, call Katie in the school office at 314-353-9242.

Click here for a Summary of School Financial Policies and Fees for the school year 2024-2025.

Scholarships and Grants

We know families make a financial sacrifice to send their child(ren) to Salem Lutheran School. To offset the cost, we offer several programs to help finance tuition. These opportunities begin in Kindergarten.

Application deadline: April 10, 2024

The Lutheran Elementary School Association sponsors these. Families may be eligible if at least 10% of their income (taxable and non-taxable) as reported for the previous tax year is used to cover the cost of your child’s/children’s Lutheran school net tuition (provided by the school). Families expending less than 10% of their income on Lutheran elementary school tuition will be considered on a case-by-case basis where extenuating circumstances exist. To learn more and complete an application through FACTS, visit LESA. Please note there is a $40 application fee.

LESA is hosting a virtual application event for families needing assistance with the application.


Application deadline: April 10, 2024

Parents who are active members of Salem Lutheran Church and in good standing are eligible to apply for Grant-in-Aid provided their children are currently attending or have registered to attend Salem Lutheran School. All families making applications shall maintain a 75% church attendance ratio. Aid will be granted monthly as long as the church attendance ratio of 75% is maintained.

Opens February 1, 2024

Families must meet specific income requirements:

  • The student has an IEP. Speak to Ms. Morrow about this before applying, or
  • Attended a public school as a full-time student for at least one semester during the previous twelve months for grades 2nd – 7th or
  • Is a child eligible to begin kindergarten or first grade.

You can find more information on their website at

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