Pre-Kindergarten Class


Mrs. Kathy Miller –

Kathy earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia in Early Childhood Education. She is a long time teacher and member of Salem. She is married to Rich who is a pharmacist. they have two daughters, Allison (23) and Emily (20). Both daughters graduated from Salem. A favorite Bible verse of Kathy’s is “…but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26



Preschool Pad – Fall 2019

Preschool Pad – Winter 2020


Mrs. Molly Phelps –

Mrs. Phelps graduated from Concordia University Wisconsin with a degree in Early Childhood Education.  She has been a member of Salem Lutheran Church for 12 years.  Mrs. Phelps taught at Salem Lutheran School for five years before staying home with her children. She is married to Justin, who works for Mid-America Transplant.  They have two children, Wilhemina and Owen, who both attend Salem Lutheran School.  In her free time, Mrs. Phelps loves to spend time with family and friends, read, and explore new places.  Her favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 41:13, “For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.” She is very excited to return to teaching at Salem Lutheran School!


In our Pre-Kindergarten class, our goals are to prepare your child for Kindergarten and to continue to strengthen their relationship with God.  Our curriculum integrates specific learning objectives into each lesson.  Understanding the literal meaning of a story, knowing elements of a story, and using language associated with time are a few of our objectives.  Our year is broken up into 9 themes.  We work on a theme for 4 weeks; each week, we look at the theme in a different way.  We explore in the areas of Literacy, Health, Social Studies, Math, Art, and Science for support and reinforcement.

Core Learning Goals


The child:

  1. Identifies 10 or more printed alphabet letters
  2. Prints own first name
  3. Listens for different purposes
  4. Tells a simple personal narrative, focusing on favorite or most memorable parts
  5. Produces speech sounds with increasing ease and accuracy
  6. Links new learning experiences and vocabulary to what is already known about a topic


The child:

  1. Counts concrete objects to five or higher
  2. Counts by one to 10 or higher
  3. Identifies use of numbers in the environment
  4. Begins to categorize time intervals and uses language associated with time in everyday situations (in the morning, after snack)
  5. Begin to predict what comes next when patterns are extended
  6. Matches objects that are alike
  7. Recognizes and names of one or more coins


The child:

  1. Begins to be responsible for individual behavior and actions
  2. Develops a sense of personal space (each have a letter on the carpet, sit at assigned seats at snack/activity time)
  3. Adheres to reasonable classroom rules and routines
  4. Begins to have greater ability to control intense feelings such as anger
  5. Shows an awareness of and respect for feelings of others
  6. Participates in large and small group activities


The child will:

  1. Know Jesus loves them.
  2. Know Jesus is their friend.
  3. Know Jesus is real and always near.
  4. Know Jesus is our Savior who takes away our sins.
  5. Know the joy of forgiveness and that they are accepted with unconditional love by Jesus.


The child will:

  1. Explore moving in space
  2. Become more able to move in place (reaching, twisting, turning, bending)
  3. Move within a space of defined boundaries, changing body configuration to accommodate the space.
  4. Begin to move in rhythm.
  5. Use skywriting to imprint the letter shapes on the large muscle groups.
  6. Begin to hold writing tools with fingers instead of with fist.