Summer Sunday School

Salem’s Summer Sunday School
is taking place online during the pandemic.  Leader, Laura Frank, is creating videos each week on the Holy Bible for students to watch online with their parents.  The videos premiere Sundays at 9:00 a.m. on Salem’s Facebook Page.  After the video, parents will be able to use the study guide at home to continue the weekly lesson.

Summer Sunday School continued this past weekend with Mrs. Frank leading our study of the New Testament.  This week students learned about the history of the early church including the Ascension, Pentecost and Paul’s conversion.  To view the video please follow this link to our Facebook page.

Summer Sunday School has an extensive study guide for each of the books of the Holy Bible for you to download to  your device and then read it on screen or print it for this week and future weeks.  To download this 74 page document please click on this link.  (Be patient.  The document is huge, totaling over 37 Mb in size.  To open it you will need an application to read PDF files.  Adobe Acrobat is a good one.  You may download Acrobat from Adobe’s website.)