Sunday School

Salem Lutheran Sunday School






Sunday School takes place each week on the Salem campus for all students from Preschool to 12th grade.  Sunday School is held from 9:20 a.m. to 10:10 a.m.

Preschoolers (potty trained) through 5th grade gather in the Salem Lutheran School building.  These children will join with other children their age in various classrooms for lessons tailored to their specific age group.

Middle School and High School students will meet at the same time for the video of Salem’s Bible study “Big Questions, Biblical Answers”.  9th – 12th grade students will meet in the Church Conference Room while 6th – 8th grade students will meet at the school.

If you have any questions about Sunday School please contact superintendant Laura Frank.



October 21
Preschool to Grade 5
– The Sunday School lesson this week is “The Good Shepherd.”   The children will learn how we are all like sheep who have gone astray, in need of Jesus, our Shepherd, who rescues, gathers, and cares for us through His Word and Sacraments.  As family consider discussing, “In what ways has Jesus rescued you?  Where can we find our Shepherd?”

Middle School/Senior High – These students will study the same topic as our adult Bible study class – “Does the Age of the Earth Really Matter”



October 14
Preschool to Grade 5
– The Sunday School lesson this week was “The Good Samaritan.”  Students learned  Jesus is our neighbor, the one who showed mercy to us, and calls us to be neighbors to all who are in need.  As a family you could discuss, “Who could we consider our neighbor? How could we share God’s love with our neighbor?”

Middle School/Senior High – These students studied the topic – “Why Believe in God’s Six Day Creation?”