Sixth Grade

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Life As a 6th Grader

  • Religion- 6th grade learns about the teachings of Jesus and His interaction with his disciples. We do memory  once  a week and will learn items such as: the books of the Bible, Commandments, Creeds, and selected verses from the Old and New Testaments.
  • Science- 6th graders and all of Salem will have brand new science materials.  We will still focus on Earth Science in 6th grade, but spend some more time in the other areas of science. Study guide for Ecosystems
  • History/Geography- In this class 6th grade studies ancient civilizations and religions. They have learned about Egypt, China, and India.
  • Literature- In this class the 6th grade reads novels. Novels read in the 6th grade include: Number the Stars, Where the Red Fern Grows, and Maniac McGee to mention a few.
  • Math- 6th grade uses Saxson Math and are currently using course 1.
  • English/Grammar- In this class, 6th grade learns about the parts of speech and how to use and identify them. They also do several writing projects throughout the year.
  • Other classes in 6th grade include, art, PE, and spelling.
  • Sixth grade is also involved in band, athletics, middle school choir, and health and fitness.

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