Kindergarten News & Events

Kindergarten News is sent home weekly to parents.

Life As a Kindergartner

  • Begin to bridge the gap between a solely play based learning to a more structured and formally learning style.
  • We allow children to become more prepared for the desks and structure of an elementary school classroom.
  • Social skills and expectations are learned and practiced.
  • We learn to accept and love ourselves and each other as God loves us.
  • Language development and literacy are strong components of our curriculum through songs, chants, counting and listening.
  • We begin a journey of reading through the use of books, pictures, writing and reading and daily practice.
  • Children will strengthen the knowledge and understanding of letters and what they represent, and begin to explore and learn how to put them together to create something meaningful.
  • Science and Social Studies are also used as a support and motivator to literacy.  This curiosity can stimulate their desire to read thus providing a new literacy opportunity and a chance to learn about the world God created.
  • Activities help bridge the social and academic gap between preschool and first grade.