Eighth Grade

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7th and 8th Grade Christian Service Overview – being revised

Christian Service Log And Reflection

Life As An 8th Grader

  • Students complete  their Catechism instruction with Pastor and are Confirmed in their faith in the spring.
  • Speak openly about their faith during the Christian Witness service and demonstrate their knowledge of the Lutheran religion through examination.
  • Are held to a high level of responsibility in their class work. They are encouraged seek help when needed, collaborate in groups, and stay current with their assignments.
  • 8th graders provide a great deal of service to our school community.  They are chapel buddies to the pre-schoolers, take care of the recycling for the school, do the morning prayer and pledges for the school, help with set-up and take-down for a variety of church and school events, among other things.
  • The highlight of the 8th grade year is their class trip.  The students fundraise all year and must be responsible for their money, for meeting times, working in groups, and conducting themselves in a Christian manner while on their trip.  There are daily devotions throughout the trip and a lot of wonderful memories are made.

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