Learning Center

The Learning Center

Salem is in partnership with Lutheran Association for Special Education (LASE) to reach, inspire, and strengthen the potential and purpose of every child of God with disabilities and special needs.

The Learning Center offers various opportunities and levels of support to meet individual student learning needs. A certified special education LASE teacher provides students with direct instruction in specific subjects, accommodations and/or modifications for general education classes, and help with organizational and test taking skills. Instruction is designed to meet student goals and objectives which are developed in a student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) or other individual intervention plans. Collaborative teamwork between the general education and special education teacher is instrumental in nurturing academic, social, and spiritual growth in students.

Since 1956, LASE has teamed up with Lutheran schools in the St. Louis area to educate children with special needs in Christ-centered communities. LASE partners with parents, educators, and schools by providing solution focused expertise and encouragement that transforms their desire to inspire the God given potential of every child into reality. To learn more about LASE, visit their website.